Our values : Experience, Integrity, Ethics

                                                          "Confidential" Habilitation 
                                                                           – Trainer 
         • Civil Aviation Security trainer (DGAC agreement) in matter of Air freight, …since 2003. 
         • EU trainer in matter of Security in the Balkans countries, China, Algeria, ....
         • Security Trainer Qualified under EU 185/2010 regulation.  

                                                                          – Auditor

         • EU Aviation Security Independent Validator (FR/IV/13033-01/1016, validity 30/09/2018), qualified for national and european known consignors (KC).  
         • EU Aviation Security independent validator ACC3/RA3/KC3 (FR/13033/FR/30K0, validity 30/09/2018). 
         • Diagnostic and formalisation of Airline Security Manual (AIR MAURITIUS).  
         • Air transport security Consultant.
         • Security auditor for airports: ST TROPEZ LA MOLE, PAU-PYRENEES, TOULOUSE BLAGNAC,  VALENCIENNES, SKOPJE (Macedonia), PLAISANCE (Mauritius), OHRID (Macedonia), KINSHASA (RDC), GOMA (RDC), ENTEBBE (Uganda), …  
         • Security auditor for airlines: AURELIA, AIR MAURITIUS, AIR CARAIBES, AXIS AIRWAYS, AIR SERV, MAF, …  

                                                  – Project Manager (on behalf of Bureau Veritas) – 
         • Security for Balkans region (EU 2008/2009/2010) to security inspectors of NCAA and airports directors.
         • Trainings of security inspectors of NCAA (Saoudia Arabia) - GACA.  
         • Study and analysis of the French Airports Security on behalf of the French Transportation Minister (from March to      May 2011).
         • Final validation of FSP 2004-055 on behalf of French Foreign Minister (from October to Decembre 2011). 
         • "Gap analysis with RE 185/2010" for european stations of GATE GOURMET (44 entities).
         • 2013 : Team leader for the Workshop AVSEC CHINA.   


                                                             – Publications and congress –

         • Publication in February 2011 as author : Book "Sûreté Mode d’emploi" (Security User Guide)- Author of the "Human Factors" chapter (personal publication).  
         • Aeronautical Safety Congress at the National Assembly, 10 january 2012 as orator - organized by the Minister of Transports, Mr Thierry Mariani (AIRSH Consulting). 
         • Communication of the Human Factors concept in safety (AIRSH Consulting).
         • Presentation to ICAO delegation at Directorate General of Civil Aviation - 2017, july 11-13th - Paris : 
                                          ICAO AVSEC WORKING GROUP ON THREAT AND RISK