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Appraisals after siniters 

                                – Senior expert and responsible of the activity - since 2001
      • Legal investigator (JPO – Judicial Police Officer) in the field of aviation accident 
                –> manager and senior expert responsilibities - 14 years of experience
       Legal investigator in an Investigation Section of the Gendarmerie Nationale : preliminaries investigation, caught in act investigation, letter of request in matter of crime and offence - 3 years of experience.
      Specialist in judicial experiment : Civil and military aviation accident - since 1987
The service providing development to new customers allows him national and international recognition.  
His different field of expertise are from the ultra light motorised plane to heavy carrier civil or military, as well as helicopter, and civil and military engines.  
The after damage expertise concerned activities cover aircraft and engine manufacturing up to their running, including maintenance.

Mainly it consists in :
      • Identifying and highlighting warranty exclusions clauses, 
      • Finding reporting and research of the damage circumtances and possible causes, 
      • Evaluation of the prejudicial consequences of the findings reported, 
      • Consulting service (including damaged mean market value evaluation, solutions alternate solution against repair and/or market research for aircraft same or equivalent as the one damaged upon customer request),
      • Evaluation of repair quotation, requests and/or invoices,
      • Budget follow-up service during working party upon aircraft repair finalisation.