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Hubert Roux, Manager of aiRsH consulting

   In brief...

         At 58-years old, over his Quality Auditor "Aviation and Airport Security and Safety" as well as trainer qualifications, he have an experience in safety, security, civil and military aviation regulation (“French Air-Navy”, “Gendarmerie Air Transportation”, “Bureau Veritas Aeronautic and Space Division”) for more than 38 years. His experience feedback allows him to perform expertise, assistance, consulting and training mission for many different customers.  
Hubert ROUX

                                                     Work history and experience –                  

•  Responsible of the appraisals after siniter on behalf of insurance companies since 2001.
In this senior expert quality, he have in charge contradictories appraisals and meetings, management of sensitive and confidential files and internal and external representatives.
•  Senior expert in Human Factors and Safety Management Systems (SMS). 
•  Senior expert in Aeronautical and Airport Security, and he is Independent Validator of Security of Civil Aviation on behalf UE (EU Aviation Security Validator). 

                                                                     They trust us –

•  ICAO,
•  EASA,
•  European Union, 
•  National Civil Aviation Authorities,
•  National and International Airlines,
•  Repair stations,
•  Aeronautical builders,
•  Insurance companies,
•  Aircraft owners,
•  …

                                                                  – Diversified skills –

 Confidential habilitation,
•  Holder of "French Aeronautical Medal" (1999), 
•  Quality "Aeronautical and Airport Safety",
•  Trainer qualified
•  Project manager,
•  Heavy knowledge of Aeronautical Regulations,
•  Expert in judicial investigations, particularly in the civil and military aeronautical accident framework,
•  Legal investigator (JPO - Judicial Police Officer), 
•  Aircraft pilot, flying instructor and examinator for PPL (A) (over 3000 flight hours in command).