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                       – Referent in matter of Human Factors, Safety management System
                                                             and Safety State program –

                                                                         – Trainer 

       • Human factor trainer, on safety management system, general and commercial aviation regulation for production and maintenance (JAR/PART 145) since 2001.  
       • SMS Trainer in aeronautical regulations (Airports, repair maintenance organisation, airlines, industrials, ...). 
       • Member of the DGAC Monitoring Group for implementation of the human factor in the PART 145 approved maintenance repair organisation (Fascicule GSAC P54-45).
       • Trainer anti-drugs relay (MILDT) during 8 years for the Ministry of Defense to the attention of civil and military public.
       • Developer Human Factor course, Safety Policy, Safety Management System, including "cases studies" to the benefit of foreign civil aviation civil authorities, airlines, maintenance repair station from the commercial air transport field, …

                                                                          – Auditor  
       • SMS quality auditor to the benefit of airport, maintenance repair organisation, ...
       • Assistance to SMS (Part 145) implementation to the benefit of maintenance repair organisation,
       • Airport certification (annexe 14 OACI Vol. 1), and heliport (annexe 14 OACI Vol. 3),
       • Audit and monitoring of SAFA processes related to Airlines black listed.


                                    – Project Manager (on behalf of Bureau Veritas, Air Eurosafe) – 

       • Safety to European Commision for the Civil Aviation Authority "Security and Safety" representatives and airports responsible,
       • Implementation SMS and/or audit in maintenance repair organisation (Part 145) and in some national airlines.

                                         – Book publication in February 2011 as author –  
        • French book "Security User Guide" - Author of the "Human factors" chapter.